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removable wallpaper round-up

With all the kids going back to school, I still have this feeling that a new chapter is starting. There’s something so nice about the fresh start that the fall brings, and I don’t know that you ever really grow out of that. Now’s the perfect time to refresh your space for the fall and winter months, and removable wallpaper is such a practical way to add style to your walls! Not only is removable wallpaper more affordable than traditional wallpaper, it is also far less of a hassle to remove once the styles change. When this product first popped up, there were only a few companies selling the stuff, and to be honest, most of the prints were pretty awful. Years later, there are plenty of vendors and patterns to choose from.

When I started looking at my favorite removable wallpaper sources and prints, they really came down to three different styles: clean minimalist designs, dramatic prints with dark accents, and then the more whimsical artsy prints. I think it really depends on where these are being used and what your overall design aesthetic is for your home.

The minimalist prints could be used all over the room and wouldn’t distract from the objects within. Try adding one of these with some natural elements around the space for a Scandinavian or modern farmhouse look.

Minimalist Sources:

Circuit / Blurred Lines / Scallops / Retro / Checkers / Spots

While these dark papers would make great accent wall decor, I think they are best used in smaller rooms like the entry or a powder bath. These areas of the home often fall flat with only a little decor, so why not make a statement with a taste of one of these bold patterns.

Dark Accents Sources:

Swansy / Dots / Aztec / Damask Eye / Pinstripe Floral / Diamonds

I love these artistic prints for a nursery or playroom. Bonus: when the kids get older this stuff comes right off the walls! Try using the more feminine papers in a well-organized closet or to line drawers in a pretty vanity!

Artistic Sources:

Daniella Floral / Land of Women / Paint Dot / Confetti / Ink Stripe / Cactus

I don’t like to play favorites, but I definitely have a few I could picture using in future projects. Which prints are you loving?