I'll be the first to tell you that I usually dismiss trendy furniture. I myself choose neutral couches and I encourage my clients to do the same. It's so much easier (and far less expensive!) to change a few throw pillow covers in a few years when the trends change. That being said, the whole emerald couch trend is here to stay, and I'm not upset about it! Jewel tones will always be classic, no matter how the color trends change from season to season. In pairing this gorgeous, deep green with a soft luxurious velvet, you've got a combination

If you follow us on Pinterest, you may have noticed a common theme. We're all about some indigo shibori! This Japanese dyeing technique uses indigo dye to create distinctive blue patterns. By folding or twisting cloth it allows some of the fabric to remain white while the rest absorbs the vibrant indigo color. There are so many ways to use this trend, but we're partial to a few strategically places pillows in an otherwise neutral room. Image Credit:     1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8 While we've got a list of retail sources

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, I find myself wanting to spruce up our outdoor space and to make it feel more modern. A great pot is an excellent start to creating a certain mood in an outdoor environment and is also an easy way to bring some of the outdoors in. Here's what we're loving right now. These gold pots make a stunning statement adorned with simple succulents. Try one of these brass beauties by pairing it with a clean white one. Bright, white pots and vivid green plants make for a crisp look that is very serene. Metal and wood

How I do love this blush pink! After moving away from their families and having their first child, the Davis's reached out to me to create an E-Design for their guest room that would keep their visiting family comfortable. She really wanted to use blush pink in the design, but he wanted something clean and modern. The design would need to be feminine, but also sophisticated enough to create a sanctuary for family and friends. They seemed to like the above photo the most from their inspiration board, so most of the design features this more grassy color green and a pop of

I've got some new favorite paint colors you guys! This spring it's all about muddy colors with gold accents. There are definitely a few new ones that have made the list of go-to colors . I'm loving these dusty blush hues and soft blues for the walls, and how about painting kitchen cabinets in one of these gorgeous muted sage or gray blues? PAINT SOURCES Dusty Blush: Vaguely Mauve / Dusk in the Valley / Mauve Hint Muted Sage: Stratton Blue // Halycon Green // Silver Eucalyptus Soft Blue: Quicksilver // Sea Salt // Gray Lake Gray Blue: Hale Navy // Philipsburg Blue // Folk Blue Creamy Neutrals: Brushed Cotton // Zephyr Hills

Last week I drove down to Charleston to check out the newest collection of SCOUT bags at their spring preview party. While handling each bag, I started thinking of all the different ways I could use these beauties to declutter my life. "This one would be great for the car. Oh, and that one would be so cute to bring wine to a summer barbeque." The best part is they're perfect for the moments when you want something pretty but also very durable: poolside, work lunches, road trips. The thing I like about SCOUT bags is that they change their prints