I'll show you the pieces that have inspired my own boho living room design and ways you can bring the modern bohemian style and texture into your own space.


Want to design a boho living room of your own? You’ve come to the right place! A while back, I introduced you all to the before photos of our #basictoboho makeover. If you missed it, you can catch up here. We knew when we bought the house we’d need some updating as it was built in the 90’s and didn’t have much of a personality. The living room is the space we spend the most time in, so it was naturally the first stop for making the home our own. I’m so excited to share the modern bohemian mood board and explain the steps I took to put it all together so you can do the same for your space!

The Boho Mood:

Finding the mood for a space may be my favorite part of the design process, but it’s so much easier to do for other people. It took a lot of trying on looks before we settled on one we both loved. It’s always a good idea to think about the styles you naturally gravitate toward as well as how you plan to live and entertain in the space. While I love the look of very polished modern spaces, in the end we’re more of a relax-in-your-jeans kind of family. Since we loved the yard in this house and knew we’d be planning a garden with outdoor entertaining, incorporating a good amount of greenery into the design was also important to tie the two spaces together. Loads of texture, fresh white paint, and modern style were all a must.

Mirror | Cross Pillow | Arrows Pillow | Plain Mudcloth Pillow | Rug | Lamp | Poufs | Artwork

The Essentials:

Space planning is all about functionality. The layout in our space was going to be super important as the room was a little awkward for multiple large pieces. We opted for pieces that serve dual purposes, like this oversized ottoman that can be moved to provide extra leg room and create more comfy places to lounge or cuddle up on lazy sundays. The woven poufs will provide an extra seat or ottoman when needed. Think about how to best utilize the space you have and how you’ll live in it each day.

The Styling:

Boho design is all about texture and a relaxed feel. A fiddle leaf fig plant and smaller succulents will give us the greenery we were wanting, while the jute mirror, Moroccan wool rug, and poufs will bring in lots of texture. And can we talk about all the mud cloth?! When you’re layering textures, be sure to put more solid weaves on more detailed. For example, the woven poufs would have looked too messy with a chunky knit throw on top, but this faux sheepskin adds another texture while appearing almost solid. Also try to balance the color around the room. The mirror will be in a separate area from the poufs, bringing in this warmer tone. The pillows and ottoman will create pops of cream around the space. It’s all about spreading it out evenly.

I’m so in love with the final design mood board because it just feels like…us. It’s easy to get caught up in what you see in magazines or on pinterest, but when you figure out what you actually want and find pieces that truly fit your lifestyle it feels really good.

What are you most excited about incorporating into your own design? What screams boho to you?