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high-low: modern farmhouse dining room

This modern farmhouse dining area has my name written all over it! The white bright walls and open ceiling bounce light around the room while the wood accents bring texture and warmth. Then you add striking black accents for a modern feel. I’ll take it all please! It’s always fun finding an inspiration photo for your space, but it can be challenging to find similar pieces within a budget. So what pieces should you spend money on and which are you paying too much for? We’ve got you covered! I’ve collected some of our favorite similar finds for this beauty of a dining room in two different price points below.

Image credit: Ana Kamin

Designer rooms can climb into the 5-figure range quite easily when a client wants all high-end products, so when the high end came in under $10,000 I made it my mission to get the low end at around $1,000. If the budget would allow, I would ideally pick items for clients from both ends of the spectrum so you end up with a very well-designed room. There are items where it pays to upgrade to higher quality pieces and areas where the cheaper items will look just as great in the room. In this case, I think the higher end table and lights are worth the higher price. I’d select the less expensive mirror and brass object and would use the cheaper chairs as they give you the same look for a fraction of the price. I think the lower priced prints would look great in the higher end frames. It’s all about balancing what works for your budget and spending your money where you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck! (Please note: total prices below include 6 chairs per room)


High Sources:

Lights / Table / Chair / Frames / Artwork 1 / Artwork 2 / Brass Sphere Object / Mirror / Grape Wood Branch

Low Sources:

Lights / Table / Chair / Frames / Artwork 1 / Artwork 2 / Brass Sphere Object / Mirror / Grape Wood Branch


Which pieces would you pay more for and where would you choose to save?