15 must-have planters

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, I find myself wanting to spruce up our outdoor space and to make it feel more modern. A great pot is an excellent start to creating a certain mood in an outdoor environment and is also an easy way to bring some of the outdoors in. Here’s what we’re loving right now.

These gold pots make a stunning statement adorned with simple succulents. Try one of these brass beauties by pairing it with a clean white one.

Bright, white pots and vivid green plants make for a crisp look that is very serene. Metal and wood plant stands can also be used to add visual interest.

cUse taller planters as a way to separate different entertainment spaces on a deck or patio or just use them to line an empty wall in a sleek and sophisticated way. I love using a darker colored pot with tall grasses.

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Since blush is the new neutral, this round-up simply wouldn’t be complete without a touch of the new designer favorite.

If you want a more bohemian, relaxed feel outdoors, you have to try the new textured neutral pot trend! This is a new essential element for creating that collected look.

Which one fits your style?

Brass:  Mod Metal // Palazzo Marbleized // Oscar

Bright White:  Radial Vessel // Fiber Spindle // Polyterrazzo

Tall, Dark, & Handsome:  Blox Galvanized // Bronze Tapered // Grooved

Textured Neutrals:  Round Ceramic // Turned Wood Leg // Howell

Blush Accents:  Matte Pink // Ridged Teracotta // Roz